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Godshill and Woodgreen - 4 Mile Circular Walk

Godshill and Woodgreen 4 mile circular walking route - This is a very scenic 4 mile walking route is set in the beautiful countryside near Godshill and Wood Green on the western edge of the New Forest, near Fordingbridge.

Godshill and Wood Green 4 Mile Loop

This route is just over 4 miles long. It starts and finishes at the Forestry Commission Godhill Viewpoint carpark on the road between Godshill and Woodgreen. The walk takes about an hour and a half, with a village pub conveniently at the half way mark.

Start at the Godshill Carpark on the road between Woodgreen and Godshill.

Head North from the carpark, in the opposite direction from the road. Follow the wide green lane which heads in a straight line to the North East, keeping the woodlands of Godshill Enclosure on your left.

Eventually you'll come to a corner of a road. This is known as Densome's Corner. On your right is a gate marked "White Cross Only". On your left is the road which heads West towards Woodgreen.
(Before taking this left you may go past the gate and take a look at the scenery, see photo's below.)

Follow the road towards Woodgreen. You'll have woodlands and Godshill Wood Cottage on your left, and a you'll pass several impressive properties on your right. When you get the the large cricket field at Woodgreen Common, turn left and follow the edge of the common clockwise until you cross Little Drove before turning left into Brook Lane.

At the end of Brook Lane, turn right into the High Street which leads down into Woodgreen village centre.

Keep walking until you come to triangle near the front of the Horse and Groom pub, which is your half way rest stop.

The Horse and Groom has a good selection of Real Ales. We liked Badger Brewery's Hopping Hare.

When you come back out of the pub turn left and head back the way you came, up past the Methodist chapel. Continue up the hill until you get to the Cemetry on your left. There's a direction arrow indicating Castle Hill, on your right. Turn right into the Castle Hill road. Head South along the road up to Catle Hill.

There's a couple of view point carparks with benches, and it's worth taking a view minutes to admire the view over the River Avon.

Continue along the tarmac road around a fairly sharp left hand bend. Just past the bend, ignore the first right hand fork which head down into the valley past the light coloured lodge house.

About 30 yards past this turn take the next right hand fork onto an unmade lane. Follow this lane until it heads uphill back onto the tarmac road. turn right on the tarmac road and follow it to the T junction. Turn left at the juction following the sign for Woodgreen.

Keep to the right in single file as you head up the winding road, be aware of traffic. About 200 yards later you'll find the Forestry Commission Godshill Viewpoint Carpark, and the start/finish of this route.

Densome's Corner, Woodgreen

Through the gate marked "White Cross Only" at Densome's Corner